2017.7.24 - 28    2-6pm (共5節)
L5-10, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

Enrolment Dates

Full Workshop Enrolment
Now until 2017.7.16
Single-class Enrolment
2017.7.16 - 7.22


Full Workshop $2000
Theatre Horizon Alumni   $1800
Observing a single class $200

"New Directors' Movement" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This workshop is part of the project.

The content of this activity does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

About Théâtre du Soleil (France)

Théâtre du Soleil of France is currently the most unique theatre company in the world. Since its establishment in 1964, Théâtre du Soleil with its 53 years of history, has been supported by the French government. Yet it owes its success to its director, Ariane Mnouchkine. Mnouchkine's works borrowed from many oriental theatre traditions without lacking originality. In 1970, the company moved into its current home base, La Cartoucherie, a former munitions factory in the Vincennes in Paris. Since then they have been creating an alternative theatre space to let the spectators have a different relationship with the theatre space which can be altered according to the needs of various works. The works of Théâtre du Soleil are mostly collective collaborations between Mnouchkine and the company members. The company are often invited to perform in major theatre festivals and its works are being made into films.
You may visit the official website of the Théâtre du Soleil here: 

Elements Involved
Theatre  Drama  Improvisation  Script  Movement

Who may apply?
Students with some training in theatre
Theatre Professionals

English and Cantonese


New Directors' Movement -


Performance Workshop


Sébastien Brottet-Michel
Actor of Théâtre du Soleil


About the Workshop  

We could work from improvisations to create situations or characters but how do we do it when a text already exists and the character is already written? How can one get rid of one's preconception, images of those who have played it before, or even a kind of collective consciousness that restricts one's imagination for a character?

A written character must not be interpreted, it must be as alive as a character appearing in an improvisation. It must be made of flesh, blood, sweat and it should not be a vague idea. It is to be reinvented, it is to be rewritten. 

In this workshop, we are going to work around the character of Peer Gynt created by Ibsen in the play of the same name. Highly symbolic, a tormented soul, an idealist, an absolutist, Peer Gynt is an adventurer who spends his life (and the time for us to read it) to seek his place in society. For who wants to be Peer Gynt? A man in search of himself, or the character that he invents himself during these journeys?
And what about us? How are we going to invent Peer Gynt?
How shall we give him life ? For in the end we are to become him!

Employing various techniques
including improvisation, manipulation, physical commitment, concrete visible concepts, the use of costumes and accessories, we will discover Peer Gynt and those who cross his path.

Through this work, we wish to help the young actors to discover what is hidden deep inside them and at the same time, finding the truth on stage.

This workshop, together with The Musical Body Workshop, are affiliated with Peer Gynt, a new production of Theatre Horizon in the coming December.

Sébastien Brottet-Michel

After obtaining a master's degree in cinematography, Sébastien started learning about biomechanics with Anne Sicco in 1998. He attended workshops by Marcel Marceau, and by Kyogen master, Shime Shigeyama.

Sébastien also played in Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare, Freedom in Bremen of Fassbinder. In 2002, he became an actor of Théâtre du Soleil directed by Ariane Mnouchkine.
He participated in the last four collective creations, The Last Caravan Stop (2002),
The Ephemeris (2005) and  Les Naufragés du Fol Espoir (2010)Macbeth (2014) and the latest A Room in India.

He was the co-director of Historias Ordinarias, a performance inspired by the book of Nelson Rodriguez in 2008, in Brazil.

Since 2011, he has started a number of workshops in Brazil, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao about the poetic body, which was inspired by his own experience of acting, creating and teaching.

Man Wai Fok
Assistant Teacher

Man Wai works at Théâtre du Soleil. In 2012 she toured to Taipei with the company’s production of Les Naufragés du Fol Espoir. Her recent performance includes Macbeth and Une Chambe en Inde.


Graduated from the School of Dance of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Man Wai traveled to L’Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacque Lecoq in Paris to further her studies in movement and mask performance. She also took part in workshops by Compagnie Pas de Dieux and Compagnie Philippe Genty to explore movement, materials, ways of creating work as a group and poetic imageries.  


Man Wai now lives in France. She also seeks to participate in theatre performances in Asia. In 2012, she came home to Hong Kong to perform Au Bord de la Vie by Gao Xingjian.



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