2018.8.13 - 8.18   15:20pm
2018.8.20 - 8.26   15:20pm

£10 (Standard), £8 (Concessions)
£32 (Family)


Paradise in Augustines, Sanctuary

41 George IV Bridge, EH1 1EL Edinburgh, UK


+852 5401 6768 (Theatre Horizon, HK)

Performance Elements 
Touring Repertoire  Theatre  Physical  Live Music Mask  Story-telling  Xiqu

English with occasional Cantonese, Putonghua and Hakka

Number of Performers
Actors  4 male 3 female
Musicians  2 

Minimum Stage Dimension
7.5m x 5m

Theatre Horizon's presentation at  the Edinburgh Festival Fringe


A mythical merman tribe in ancient Hong Kong, the Lu-tings is oppressed by another dominant culture. They learn the language of this culture and end up revolting against them. This is a touching story told in a theatre style encompassing dance, masks, live music and poetry, ‘reminding the audience of their own heritage.’ (The VileArts)

Theatre Horizon's creation of Lu-ting the Merman premiered in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2014. The company returned to Edfringe with a revised version in 2018 and won a 5-star review by the highly regarded review magazine, The List.


The List | Stunning evocation of oppressed innocence / Gareth K. Vile 2018.8.19
// Telling the mythical story of a merman tribe, Theatre Horizon's charming yet emotive production is an elegant evocation of the nature of colonial oppression.… playful and polite, emotional grueling and compassionate. //

The List | On the fringe of psychic liberation: it's not all about stars and money / Gareth K. Vile 2018.8.24
// Every artist ... deserves a nod of the head, a mark of respect and a sharp reminder that the results are irrelevant. It's the bravery of doing that counts. //

Media Coverage  

立場新聞 | 國際舞台上的香港藝術(下):機構角色 2018.11.28

The Culturist | 香港身份@愛丁堡國際藝穗節 失望不消極 絕處可逢生?【文化者‧現場】/ 小琳 2018.9.10

Review (2014)  

The Vile Blog | The Lu-tings / Gareth Vile
// The story is told clearly and with passion, a charming introduction to a style of theatre that is equal parts poetry and dance: the political subtext is present but is never allowed to overwhelm the immediacy of the plot.//

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The Lu-tings (Hong Kong Version)

Creative & Production Team

   Wong Kwok-kui
Director  Chan Chu-hei
Composer   Chan Wai-fat
Choreographer,  Musician & Producer  Julia Mok
Mask Designer  Chen Ying-ching
Costume Design  
The Director & the cast
Lighting Designer, Musician
Fung Kwok-kee

The Cast  Lai Chai-ming,
Chiu Chin-hei, Ko Ki-yan,
Chan Wing-shuen, Willis Wong, Jumbo Lam, Kwok Siu-kit

Deputy Stage Manager  Judy Cheng*
Assistant Producer   Keness Ling#

*Supported by HKADC under the Arts Production Internship Scheme.
#Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administrative Internship Scheme.


Past Performances

Nov 2019 Tainan International Human Rights Festival
 (In putonghua) 
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
 (In English) 
2015 Hong Kong Version
 (In English) 
Edinburgh Festival Fringe
 (In English) 


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