2019.1.26 - 2.2  8:30pm
2019.2.2 - 2.3     3:30pm
Black Box Theatre, Tai Po Civic  Centre [MAP]

$220, $160 (Full-time Students, Senior Citizens Aged 60 or Above, People with Disabilities & the Minder, with quota.)

Performance Elements
Theatre  live music  Movement  studio theatre  

In Cantonese. Chinese and English surtitles can be reserved in advance.

Number of Performers
Actors  6 male 4 female
Musicians 2 

1 hour 30 minutes  

Age 6 or above

Theatre Horizon Presents


Requiem was based on three novels by Anton Chekhov - In the Ravin, Misery and Rothschild's Fiddle. The story is about people who died of various reasons - the wife of 52 years of the old carpenter who sells coffins, a baby who has just born of a young maid-servant, the only son of the middle-aged troika driver. Though their hearts ache, they must search for the courage to carry on living, and to decipher the meaning of 'living' through 'death.'

About the Playwright 
Hanoch Levin (1943-1999)Hanoch Levin was born in Tel Aviv on December 18, 1943 and died of cancer on August 18, 1999. Wrote plays, sketches, songs, stories and poetry, and also directed most of his own plays. During his work as a playwright and stage director, he developed a unique dramatic and theatrical language, created by combining poetic written text and images designed with the actors and set designers, costume and lighting, composer and choreographer. His plays are characterized by his ability to combine the work of different artists and have always been a celebration of words and visual images, based on a great love for the theater and all who take part in the performance.





Shaw Mei-kwan was awarded Distinct Actress by the 11th Hong Kong Theatre Libre. Other nominations include Best Director, Outstanding Lead Actor, Best Stage Aesthetics Design and Best Overall Performance by the 11th Hong Kong Theatre Libre.


Hanoch Levin (Israel)

Creative & Production Team

Artistic Director, Director & Translator
 Chan Chu-hei
The Cast  Luther Fung
Patra Au
Shaw Mei-kwan
 Kiu Po-chung
Joey Leung
Tong Chun-yip
Chan Wing-shuen
Ko Ki-yan
Lai Chai-ming#
Kwok Siu-kit

Composer / Musician
Mike Orange
Composer / Sound Designer
Chan Wai-fat
Choreographer / Musician / Producer   Julia Mok
Set Designer   William Kwok
Costume Designer 
 Man Wing
Lighting Designer 
Fung Kwok-kee
Production Manager 
Thomas Lau Hon-wah

Stage Manager / Deputy Stage Manager
   Li Wun-lam
Assistant Stage Managers  
 So Chi-wai     Esther Lau
Assistant Producer   Keness Ling*
Graphic Designer   Noite

#Supported by HKADC under the Drama Artistic Internship Scheme.
* Supported by HKADC under the Arts Administrative Internship Scheme.

 Our Special Thanks to
Leisure and Cultural Services Department.




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