Fung Kwok-kee Gabriel 馮國基
Guest Lighting Designer

Fung Kwok-kee,Gabriel, a graduate of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, has been an active theatre lighting designer for years. Among many groups involved include Theatre Horizon, Chung Ying Theatre Company, Theatre du Pif, CCDC, Actors Family, Theatre Ensemble, No Man’s Land, Prospects Theatre Company & Hong Kong Arts Festival, etc. Twice nominated for the Best Lighting Design when he worked with Theatre du Pif, his design works have been appearing in international festivals, like International Dance Festivals in Beijing and India, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Apart from local productions, he also worked with U-Theatre in Taiwan as Lighting Designer and toured around Europe in Festival d’Avignon and Festival International de Artes Cênicas in Brazil, .He has been awarded the best lighting design in both drama and dance categories in 2003.In 2009, He completed a MFA degree in Hong Kong Baptist University major in film directing and now actively involved in independent filmmaking and also investigated about the “CROSSOVER” between theatre and moving image.

Participated in Works by Theatre Horizon

Lu-ting the Merman (Tainan) (2019)
Luting : Goodbye History, Hello Future (2019)
Requiem  (2019)
Lu-ting the Merman (Edinburgh Revisit) (2018)
Drug (2018)
Beyond the Horizon (2017)
The Black and the Blue of a Man (North-east Vilage Edition) (2016)
Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour, Ep.II 'Nightmares' (2016)
The Garden Party (North-east Village Edition) (2015)
The Lu-tings (HK Version) (2015)
Century-old Dreams of a Fishing Harbour, Ep.I (2014)
The Lu-tings (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) (2014)
The Square (2014)
Antigone (North-east Village Edition) (2013)
The Room (2013)
Short-nosed Elephant Xiao Xiao (2012)
The French Kiss Re-run  (2011)
The French Kiss (2011)
Winds of Change (2010)
Sotto Paga? Non Si Paga! (2010)
The Bleak Box (2009)
Defiance (2007)
The Inferno  (2007)
Our Town  (2006)

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