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The Battement of the Butterfly's Wings
- A Theatre Workshop About Love


The Method

Ariane Mnouchkine has led the Theatre du Soleil for 50 years; I have the chance to work in this theatre for more than 12 years. The working method never been changed.

Each new production is the result of the proposition of Ariane Mnouchkine, relating directly or indirectly to the current events. For Theatre du Soleil, theatre is about questioning on our world. The world does not turn round and we say this with our performances armed with the poetic and the transposition of the reality. At the moment, it is Macbeth. And the Macbeths are everywhere in the world. This performance denounces those wormy and corrupt politicians, for those the power is the ultimate goal but not the way to help others.

Previously, we talked about immigration and the refugees who has been thrown across the world to search a better future. We also talked about love, those little nothings which make the great unforgettable moments. Our theatre always turns to the interior, to what touches us and to what annoys us.

The combination of our team is universal, it is made of people who come from different countries and who are attracted by the real utopia of the Theatre du Soleil.

Each one brings along one’s poetic and by improvisation, we create together.

Every creation, no matter with a classical text or a theme without text, is begun by actors' improvisation. And then we work on it again and again to extract the essential trueness which touches the heart.

The method of the workshop about love will be the same. We will start from the proposition of the actors.

My role would be leading the improvisation, orienting the play of actor and all these is for searching the moment of truth, the universal evidences. We will build up links between us. They are the bridges between different subjects approached by the improvisation. It is to give a poetic vision and the plural of a love relationship and those consequences.

Sébastien Brottet-Michel

About Théâtre du Soleil

Having more than 70 company members, Théâtre du Soleil is one of the most important theatre companies in the world and one that has the most outstanding character. Since it was founded in 1964, the 51-year-old Théâtre du Soleil of France has been supported and funded by the French government. However, its success and long standing has to do with its director, Ariane Mnouchkine. Mnouchkine’s theatre borrows forms from oriental theatre but is highly original. In 1970, the company moved to the Cartoucherie, a former armament warehouse, converting it into a functional theatre space to enable multi-faceted interaction with the audience. The space can also be reconstructed to serve various works accordingly.

The works of Théâtre du Soleil are created by Mnouchkine together with the company members. They have been invited to major theatre festivals of the world and are made into films such as Les Ephémères and Les Naufragés du Fol Espoir.

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